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of global geo-health data

TheSE FINE pHOTOGRAPHERS contributed to the website of the GGHDC:

Photo landingpage, ‘About us’, Jurjen Drenth

Portraits R. Grobbee, M. Helbich, B. Brunekreef, and photos ‘List of Publications’ and ‘The GGHDC’ by Ed van Rijswijk for Utrecht University.

Photos ‘List of Presentations’, ‘Nederlands’ and ‘Resources’ by Bert Spiertz for Utrecht University.

Photos ‘Mission’, ‘Project Summary’, ‘Exposure Portal’ and ‘Team’ by Ivar Pel for Utrecht University.

Photo ‘Research’, by Jan Lankveld for Utrecht University.

Photo ‘What we do’, by Steven Snoep for Utrecht University.

Photos ‘How we work’, ‘Projects’ and ‘Cases’ by Kees Rutten for Utrecht University.

Photos ‘Catalogue’, ‘Contact’, ‘Credits’, ‘Disclaimer’ and ‘Copyright’ by Robert Oosterbroek for Utrecht University.

Photo ‘Values’ by Michael Kooren for Utrecht University.

Photo ‘Publications’ by Jeroen Wandemaker for Utrecht University.

Photo ‘Valorisation, by Michiel Bunjes for Utrecht University,

Photo ‘The Application process’ by Lucas van der Wee for Utrecht University.

Photo ‘News’ by Dick Boetekees for Utrecht University.

All brand communication for the GGHDC has been developed by the following contributors:

Creative Direction

<JNSN>, ScienceMedia

Art direction
Milk Design

Anticipate Media

ScienceMedia, <JNSN>

Content strategy / text

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