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Google Street View car starts measuring air quality in streets of Copenhagen

Since last month a Google street view car drives through the streets of Copenhagen to measure air quality throughout the city. Researchers from Utrecht University are responsible for the technical and scientific support of the project. Among these researchers is Roel Vermeulen, Professor of Environmental Epidemiology and Exposome Science at Utrecht University and member of … Continued

Fuse your personal geo and health data online?

The research team at the Global Geo Health Data Center (GGHDC) is introducing the Personal Exposure Scan, a user-friendly website that provides data of five exposomes: air pollution (as proxy for NO2), fast-food, urbanity (greenness), heat island effect, and noise. Like to understand the impact of environmental change on health? The best way to find … Continued

Meet us at the Big Data Expo 2018?

Interested in new pathways to enrich existing geo or health data in your organisation? Discuss your possibilities with the GGHDC team during the Big Data Expo in Utrecht, from the 19th till the 20th of September. More GGHDC? Visit our special keynote on Thursday the 20th.  Healthcare organisations already own large amounts of data. The big … Continued